Become a Certified End of Life Doula

When a doula adds the letters INELDA after their name, it shows the world they have met all the requirements of our program. No previous medical or hospice-based experience is required, only a willingness to learn and support others. Achieving this is a process that requires considerable time and effort. Before beginning the process, we recommend that you learn about what it means to be an end of life doula through INELDA.

Serve patients and families during the time a patient is actively dying. Doulas who want the recognition of a level of expertise that this level indicates will want to become a Certified End-Of-Life Doula (CD). With this level, a doula could work in a hospice program, other institutional setting, or with an independent doula group serving patients and families directly. 


  • Attendance in the 22-hour Doula Training Class, the first step to becoming certified
  • Current membership in INELDA
  • Completed Application and a $75.00 processing fee
  • 2 Personal reference letters
  • 15 Hours served as a Doula from 3 different vigils
  • Signed release forms from the 3 required vigils
  • 5 Evaluations of your work as a doula; 3 from professional/supervisor and 2 from family members from the vigils
  • 3 Active Listening & Response Journal entries
  • 3 Personal Journey entries, one from each vigil
  • Signed agreements to abide by the EOLD Code of Ethics and EOLD Scope of Practice
  • Passing grade on the Doula Exam
A complete description, and the schedule of classes for the Certified Advanced Doula training (CAD) will be coming soon. 
The requirement for registration will be to be an INELDA Certified End-of-Life Doula (CD).

    The INELDA Story

    INELDA is an international 501c3 nonprofit association for the advancement of

    compassionate end-of-life care for the patient and support of their

    families through a comprehensive end-of-life doula program.