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INELDA offers an End of Life Doula Training Program for Hospices which benefit their patients and families.

Bring the INELDA End Of Life doula program to your Hospice.

INELDA can help your hospice expand its end of life care options. Our model is an extremely thorough and robust approach to guiding and supporting dying people and their loved ones in the final phase of a terminal illness. With a unique focus on summing-up and planning, conducting vigil, and reprocessing a death with loved ones afterwards, INELDA’s End of Life Doula program can help your hospice program fill in a missing piece in the end of life services you offer whether it is hospice care at home or in your hospice facilities.

In The News

NewTimesIntegrity versus despair’: Hospice program trains end-of-life doulas The New Times wrote a feature article on the Hospice of San Luis Obispo and the INELDA-based end-of-life doula training program they have successfully instituted into their hospice.

Watch the video on benefits of the INELDA program.

Hospice Benefits

  • Gain a competitive market advantage through the INELDA End of Life Doula Program
  • Increase referrals
  • Increase length of stay
  • Augment the hospice staff involvement and effectiveness
  • Increase patient/family satisfaction scores
  • Help meet the 5% volunteer requirement of the CoPs
  • Increase volunteer commitment and retention
  • Boost the overall quality of professional services in your hospice

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The Momentum is Building

INELDA’s End-of-Life Doula Program has been integrated into the following hospice and palliative care facilities. Holy Name Medical Center – Teaneck, New Jersey Hackensack University Medical Center – Hackensack, New Jersey Hospice of San Luis Obispo County – San Luis Obispo, California.

INELDA’s End-of-life  Doula Program Model is a “best practice” that can help your hospice improve its end of life care and at the same time improve its bottom line. Contact us today.

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